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Hello World example

How to use

Using create-next-app

Execute create-next-app with Yarn or npx to bootstrap the example:

npx create-next-app --example with-context-api with-context-api-app
# or
yarn create next-app --example with-context-api with-context-api-app

Download manually

Download the example:

curl | tar -xz --strip=2 next.js-canary/examples/with-context-api
cd with-context-api

Install it and run:

npm install
npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Deploy it to the cloud with now (download)


The idea behind the example*

This example shows how to use react context api in our app.

It provides an example of using pages/_app.js to include the context api provider and then shows how both the pages/index.js and pages/about.js can both share the same data using the context api consumer.

The pages/index.js shows how to, from the home page, increment and decrement the context data by 1 (a hard code value in the context provider itself).

The pages/about.js shows how to, from the about page, how to pass an increment value from the about page into the context provider itself.

*Based on WesBos example.

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