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Deploy to now

Example app with styled-components

How to use

Using create-next-app

Execute create-next-app with Yarn or npx to bootstrap the example:

npx create-next-app --example with-styled-components with-styled-components-app
# or
yarn create next-app --example with-styled-components with-styled-components-app

Download manually

Download the example or clone the repo:

curl https://codeload.github.com/zeit/next.js/tar.gz/canary | tar -xz --strip=2 next.js-canary/examples/with-styled-components
cd with-styled-components

Install it and run:

npm install
npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Deploy it to the cloud with now (download)


The idea behind the example

This example features how you use a different styling solution than styled-jsx that also supports universal styles. That means we can serve the required styles for the first render within the HTML and then load the rest in the client. In this case we are using styled-components.

For this purpose we are extending the <Document /> and injecting the server side rendered styles into the <head>.