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Official Now Builders created by the ZEIT team
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styfle Add fetchTokenWithRetry for bad json response (#403)
This is a quick fix for our token problem by attempting to retry the fetch.

> FetchError: invalid json response body at NOW_TOKEN_FACTORY_URL reason: Unexpected token A in JSON at position 0

The root cause is in the token factory because it throws `Confirmation incomplete` but that will be harder to track down and fix.
Latest commit ee179b9 Apr 19, 2019
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.circleci Add Codecov report (#327) Mar 29, 2019
.vscode [now-built-utils] Add type declaration for glob (#360) Apr 8, 2019
packages [now-build-utils] Add `meta` object type definition for `build()` (#399) Apr 19, 2019
test Add fetchTokenWithRetry for bad json response (#403) Apr 19, 2019
.eslintrc Migrate @now/next to Builders v2 + TS (#379) Apr 16, 2019
.gitignore Download Entire Directory when Building now-next (#200) Feb 12, 2019
.prettierrc.json Cache Next.js `node_modules` for faster rebuilds (#235) Feb 22, 2019
LICENSE Updated company name Nov 8, 2018
jest.config.js Migrate @now/next to Builders v2 + TS (#379) Apr 16, 2019
yarn.lock Migrate @now/next to Builders v2 + TS (#379) Apr 16, 2019


This is the full list of official Builders provided by the ZEIT team.

More details here:

Publishing to npm

Run the following command to publish modified builders to npm:

For the stable channel use:

yarn publish-stable

For the canary channel use:

yarn publish-canary

CircleCI will take care of publishing the updated packages to npm from there.

If for some reason CircleCI fails to publish the npm package, you may do so manually by running npm publish from the package directory. Make sure to include the --tag canary parameter if you are publishing a canary release!

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