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@@ -53,6 +53,12 @@ For example, the previous `nodejs` example showed a static frontend with a Node.
| **vanilla-go** | [create-react-app-functions]( |
| **typescript** | [gatsby-functions]( |

## Migrating and Upgrading

If you have an existing project you would like to deploy with ZEIT Now, we recommend reading our guide on [migrating to Now with zero configuration]( By combining the guide with this repository, you will quickly be able to understand how to deploy your application.

If you would like to upgrade a project to take advantage of zero configuration, you may find the [upgrade guide]( useful. The upgrade guide covers how to remove configuration from existing projects along with how to use the `/api` directory.

## How to Contribute

Contributing to Now Examples should be an enjoyable experience, as such we have created a set of [contributing guidelines]( to help you do so.

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