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# Webpack
# Riot Example

This is a simple example of using webpack with riot. It uses webpack loader [@riotjs/webpack-loader](
This directory is a brief example of a [Riot.js]( app that can be deployed to ZEIT Now with zero configuration.

## Run locally
## How we created this example

Download or clone this repo.
To get started with Riot on Now, you can use the [Now CLI]( to initialize the project:

Install packages.

$ npm install
$ now init riot
And then run the server using `webpack-dev-server` or any possible way you know

$ npm start
## Deploying this Example

Once initialized, you can deploy the Riot example with just a single command:

- Open [http://localhost:3000/](http://localhost:3000/)
- Open [http://localhost:3000/webpack-dev-server/](http://localhost:3000/webpack-dev-server/) for dev server with hot reloading.
$ now

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