A simple app which will be built on Now using `Dockerfile` and served statically
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This is a simple static web app created using Next.js.


You need to build the app locally and deploy it using now.
With the help of the docker, this app will be built inside now and deploy it as a static app.

How it works

  • The Next.js app is configured to export static HTML.
  • Then we've a simple Dockerfile which builds the Next.js app and export the static content into the /public directory.
  • The now.json file is used to set the type of this app as static. (Otherwise now CLI will think this as a typical docker app.)
  • Finally, you can deploy this app by simply invoking now. (Make sure to use the latest release of now.)

Works Best With GitHub

Now's static build support works really great with the GitHub integration.
You can send pull request to the app and Now will build the app and deploy it as a static app for each and every commit.

Checkout this pull request.

Try It Yourself

  • Clone or download this repository.
  • Download and install the latest Now app.
  • Simply Invoke the now command inside this repository.


  • Fork this repository.
  • Add the Now + GitHub integration to your GitHub organization.
  • Send a pull request to the forked repository.