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set -euo pipefail
bridge_defs="$(dirname $(pwd))/now-node-bridge/src/bridge.ts"
cp -v "$bridge_defs" src
# build ts files
# todo: improve
# copy type file for ts test
cp dist/types.d.ts test/fixtures/15-helpers/ts/types.d.ts
# setup symlink for symlink test
ln -sf symlinked-asset test/fixtures/11-symlinks/symlink
# use types.d.ts as the main types export
mv dist/types.d.ts dist/types
rm dist/*.d.ts
mv dist/types dist/index.d.ts
# bundle helpers.ts with ncc
rm dist/helpers.js
ncc build src/helpers.ts -e @now/build-utils -o dist/helpers
mv dist/helpers/index.js dist/helpers.js
rm -rf dist/helpers
# build source-map-support/register for source maps
ncc build ../../node_modules/source-map-support/register -e @now/build-utils -o dist/source-map-support
mv dist/source-map-support/index.js dist/source-map-support.js
rm -rf dist/source-map-support
# build typescript
ncc build ../../node_modules/typescript/lib/typescript -e @now/build-utils -o dist/typescript
mv dist/typescript/index.js dist/typescript.js
mkdir -p dist/typescript/lib
mv dist/typescript/typescript/lib/*.js dist/typescript/lib/
mv dist/typescript/typescript/lib/*.d.ts dist/typescript/lib/
rm -r dist/typescript/typescript
ncc build src/index.ts -e @now/build-utils -o dist/main
mv dist/main/index.js dist/index.js
rm -rf dist/main
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