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AndyBitz [now-static-build][frameworks][examples] Fixes examples and adjust fr…
…ameworks (#3584)

* [examples] Fix ionic-react example

* [examples] Fix vue example

* [examples] Fix mithril example

* [examples] Fix riot example

* Fix readmes

* [now-static-build] Add Zola

* Add tests

* [now-build-utils][frameworks] Adjust detect framework

* Move zola back

* Undo Hugo detection changes

* [examples] Fix Vue logo path

* [now-static-build] Use package.json script if defined instead of framework command

* [now-static-build] Add buildCommand everywhere

* Remove devCommand from frameworks.ts

* Fix type

* Change output directory

* [now-static-build] Remove minNodeRange

* Remove devCommand
Latest commit 96dbc6d Jan 16, 2020

Preact Logo

Preact Example

This directory is a brief example of a Preact app that can be deployed with ZEIT Now and zero configuration.

Deploy Your Own

Deploy your own Preact project with ZEIT Now.

Deploy with ZEIT Now

Live Example:

How We Created This Example

To get started with Preact for deployment with ZEIT Now, you can use the Preact CLI to initialize the project:

$ preact create default my-project

Deploying From Your Terminal

You can deploy your new Preact project with a single command from your terminal using Now CLI:

$ now
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