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 - @now/build-utils@1.1.1
 - now@16.6.3
 - now-client@6.0.0
 - @now/next@2.1.1
 - @now/node@1.2.1
 - @now/routing-utils@1.4.0
 - @now/static-build@0.13.1
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now client

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The official Node.js client for deploying to Now. It supports v1 and v2 deployments.


Firstly, install the package:

npm install now-client
# or
yarn add now-client

Next, load it:

// v2
const { createDeployment } = require('now-client');
// v1
const { createLegacyDeployment } = require('now-client');

Then call inside a for...of loop to follow the progress with the following arguments:

  • <path> - a directory path / file path / array of file paths (must be on the same level)
  • <options> - An object containing token, an optional teamId and any now.json-valid fields
async function deploy() {
  let deployment;

  for await (const event of createDeployment(
    { token: process.env.TOKEN }
  )) {
    if (event.type === 'ready') {
      deployment = event.payload;

  return deployment;

Full list of events:

  // File events (receive relevant data as payload)
  // Deployment events (receive deployment object as payload)
  // Build events (receive build object as payload)

You can also get the events set programmatically:

import { EVENTS } from 'now-client';
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