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This is a development fork, please watch the main repository:

Zeitcoin (ZEIT)

Zeitcoin is an innovative, secure and energy efficient PoW/PoS coin. It uses a faster PoW distribution mechanism to distribute the initial coins, then after 6 weeks the coin is basically transferred to a pure PoS coin, where the generation of the coin is mainly through the PoS interests.

Zeitcoin also adopt a variable PoS rate, which gives the highest payout at 25% the first year, then decrease 5% per year until the 4th year it reaches annual interest rate of 5%, then it will remain at this rate.

Zeitcoin will have a total of 90 billion coins. Initially each block will deliver 250000 to 1000000 coins randomly. The PoW payout will be halved each week (7 days). After 6 weeks, the PoW payout will be fixed at 1 coin per block until block 190000. At block 190000 POW mining will end.

PoS will start after at least 20 days of holding of the coins in the wallet. With PoS, the coin is more resilient to 51% attack.

Other Specifications: - 30 seconds block target - 250000 to 1000000 coins per block initially - PoW payout will be halved every week for the first 6 weeks - After 6 weeks, the PoW payout will be fixed at 1 coin per block - Difficulty retargets every block - PoS variable interests: - 1st year: 25% - 2nd year: 20% - 3rd year: 15% - 4th and subsequent years: 5% - Total coins will be 99 billions - 4 confirmations for transaction, thus fast 2 mins confirmation for transdactions - 50 confirmations for blocks - 1% premine for bounties, giveaways, development, support and maintenance, new feature developments etc.

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