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Zeitgeist | Decentralized Prediction Markets

Building Systems Where The Truth Wins


  1. zeitgeist zeitgeist Public

    An evolving blockchain for prediction markets and futarchy.

    Rust 169 40

  2. ui ui Public

    Zeitgeist general prediction markets application.

    TypeScript 15 4

  3. sdk-next sdk-next Public

    The next iteration of the Zeitgest sdk in development.

    TypeScript 6 1

  4. documentation documentation Public

    Source material for Zeitgeist's documentation site.

    MDX 3 12

  5. zeitgeist-subsquid zeitgeist-subsquid Public

    Zeitgeist chain block indexer and processor that provides data sets for powerful GraphQL queries.

    TypeScript 7 4

  6. rikiddo rikiddo Public

    Functions and simulations for the Rikiddo Scoring Rule

    Python 4 1


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