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Delta Green random character generator
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Delta Green Character Generator

Open Source Delta Green random character generator.

It's now finished to the point where it can be used online! See it in action here!


  • Generates a complete Delta Green character (all skills, stats, derived attributes, bonds, one third of characters are damaged veterans)


  • Install Python 3.5
  • Create a virtual environment in the project folder with virtualenv -p python3 venv
  • Activate the virtual environment with source venv/bin/activate
  • Install the necessary packages with pip install -r requirements.txt
  • You'll need to create a MongoDB database and save the connection string and database name to a file called (in the top level project directory). This file will need the globals DATABASE (the name of the mongo database you plan to use) and MONGO_STRING (the connection string you intend to use). An example file has been provided as
  • Add the open gaming content to your Mongo database with python OpenGamingJSON/
  • Whenever you open this in a new terminal/powershell window, you'll have to activate the VENV again with source venv/bin/activate
  • Install Ruby
  • Run gem install sass
  • Run (from the project directory) sass ./static/style.sass ./static/style.css

Using (Web)

  • With venv activated, run python in the top level folder
    • Go to localhost:8080 to see the landing page. There will be a link to character generation from there.
    • The argument mobile runs in the server on, so other devices on your wifi network can use it
    • The argument server runs the server on port 80 and

Using (Command Line)

  • From the top level directory: python
    • The results will print to the console.

Running The Tests

From the top level directory: python

Remember to add all new tests to the file.

To run the unit tests with coverage, run

coverage run
coverage report

Note: If a file has not been created by the time you run the unit tests, it will automatically create one for you. This is a semi-accidental result of needing that file to exist for the tests to run.

Building The Docs

From the Docs directory, run make html. Sometimes the API autodocs stop tracking changes and the whole _build directory has to be deleted to remind them to build what they should. If this happens, you can run (with an activated venv) the script (*nix only) in the Docs directory to handle deleting the _build folder automatically before building the updated docs.


  • Language families/association scores to give more realistic language combinations
  • When picking a random skill in a package, more weight given to existing skills
  • Classes provide some bias to the stats
  • More open source skill packages and classes
  • Incorporate random names from

Helping Out

  • The best way to help out right now is probably submitting homebrew skill packages or classes. These are just JSON files that can be edited in a text editor, even without programming experience.


Parts of Delta Green are licensed under the OGL. I'm trying to only publicly share the parts that are. If you are a rights holder or (heavens forfend) their lawyer, you can reach me at zejacobi (squiggly a/at character thingy) gmail (dot) com

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