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November 4th, 2013

Welcome to Tactful! This site is a rough draft built in 24 hours at the 2013 Health Literacy Hackathon at Hampshire College. In our enthusiasm, we put the site online and posted it on Hacker News right before our final presentation. We were excited and overwhelmed to hit #1 on Hacker News within minutes, and thousands of people have visited and contributed to the site since we launched it this morning.

We haven't fully worked out the technical and cultural implications of so many people using the site. Many features are still missing, and some are not yet implemented. For the first few hours, the upvote and downvote counts were randomly generated as placeholders, giving some users the impression that their tips were downvoted right away.

Of course, we've already seen some trolling and offensive submissions. We cannot take responsibility for this content, but we're watching new posts closely and deleting problematic content — we're also building a system for readers to flag posts to be taken down automatically. We’re making a plan for how to curate and moderate quality content moving forward.

Above all, we're astounded that so many folks are already sharing sincere, helpful advice. We hope you'll stay with us as we get this thing on its feet.

Our twitter accounts: @zekenierenberg @awmry @mollyampersand