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ZelCash 2.0.0 Acadia

ZelCash 2.0.0 is based on latest Zcash 2.0.2. and thus inherits all Zcash features. Acadia network update activates both Overwinter and Sapling in one activation height 250,000 which is estimated to occur on January 12th. Furthermore an improved difficulty algorithm LWMA3 will be activated.

New Zcash parameters are needed for a daemon to function. Please use the script attached in archive to download them. Windows users need to use terminal with bash support.


Dec 15, 2018
Corrections and Mac Build instructions

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AcadiaMac.zip contains: zelcashd, zelcash-cli, zelcash-tx, zelcash-init and zcash-fetch-params

First time?

Open Terminal
Drag and drop zcash-fetch-params to Terminal, hit Enter
Drag and drop zelcash-init to Terminal, hit Enter
Open Finder, in menu Go choose Go to folder...
Type: /usr/local/bin/
Copy zelcashd, zelcash-cli and zelcash-tx in there

Open Terminal
Type zelcashd (if you want it to run in background type zelcashd -daemon)

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Zelcash will undergo a hardfork on July 22th 2018 around 18pm UTC. To stay on supported blockchain, please update to new Zelcash 1.1.0 prior this date.

Zelcash 1.1.0

  • Difficulty algorithm switch from Digishield v3 to LWMA at block height 125 000.
  • Algorithm switch from equihash 200-9 to 144-5 (Zhash) at block height 125 110.
  • Allow wallet dumping.
  • New alert keys.

MD5 zelcashlinux.tar.gz: 59600b8ca19b1e74bb8f95efff0ae679
MD5 zelcashwindows.zip: 142e43cfa003d35f9bbb874f60f7e466
MD5 zelcashmac.tar.gz: e8a1c5080ac69b38ae679c9715a08d29

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This release changes the downloaded parameters to standard zcash folder, contains testnet and provides fixes for easier building, havling interval and dnsseeds.

MD5 checksums:

zelcashlinux.zip: 8B738AB40036AE4BE619B8F5B61E5E7D
zelcashmac.zip: 762C0DEDA0B4237AC53D0AD432AC210F
zelcashwindows.zip: 81C1E509B9463C2AA21CA817962AC44F

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