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Welcome to the ZelNodes Wiki

ZelNodes Information Index

Source Code:

Source Master Branch

Full Node Wallet Downloads

ZELmate (Swing) Download
ZelCore Download

ZelNode Setup Guides:

Beginners Guide!!! DigitalOcean + ZelCore

Advanced Guide (build from source + ZELmate (swing))

If using Beginner's guide with Install Script, use Ubuntu 18.04.5

Ubuntu 16.04.5 and 18.04.5 both work.

ZelNodes Wiki:

ZelNodes FAQ
Speed up syncing with bootstrap
Benchmarking Resources
Selecting VPS/hardware
Setup ZelCore Control Wallet
Setup ZELmate(Swing) Control Wallet

Medium Article Posts:

ZelNodes — The decentralized, scalable, high-availability computing network
ZelNodes — Dates, Specs, Network Upgrade, Payout Cycles, et al.


ZelNodes Webpage
ZelNodes Explorer

What is ZelCash?

ZelCash is a cryptocurrency that holds a central role in the Zel Ecosystem. It gives the incentive for ZelNode ownership to enable the creation of ZelEx and the ZelDev Platform, enabling us to create a truly decentralized development platform.

ZelCash is minable making distribution fair. ZelNodes are soon to be added, and will allow holders of ZelCash to operate a ZelNode, receiving a portion of blockreward for operating it. ZelCash is the means of transacting in the Zel Ecosystem. It will always be a key part of the Zel Ecosystem.

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