An applet implementing the classic System menu from Gnome 2, for those who don't like the new User menu
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Do you feel that the new "User" menu in Gnome 3 wasn't really
an improvement?  Do you think that the "Classic" desktop should
be a little more Classic, and actually keep the "System" menu
which was there "classically" instead?  Then this applet is for you.

This is an applet to be used with the gnome-panel of Gnome 3 (as
seen in the "Classic Gnome" session).  It simply emulates the
System menu of Gnome 2, allowing you to place it right next to the
"Custom menu" applet which provides "Applications" and "Places",
thus recreating the style of Gnome 2.

Notes on installation

If you compile with a different prefix than /usr (for example the
default prefix of /usr/local), then you need to be aware that there
are two parts of the applet which must be locatable by the system
for the applet to work.  These are the applet description, and the
DBus service description.

Starting with the DBus service description, this is installed in
${prefix}/share/dbus-1/services/.  DBus follows the XDG rules
for where to look for data files, so it _will_ find the file
if you use prefix /usr/local (or /usr), but for more exotic
locations, you'll have to either modify  your $XDG_DATA_DIRS to
include your ${prefix}/share, or create a symlink from either
/usr/share/dbus-1/services/ or /usr/local/share/dbus-1/services/.

The gnome-panel, on the other hand, does not respect XDG defaults
or overrides when looking for applet description files.  It will
only look in /usr/share/gnome-panel/4.0/applets/ (assuming it was
compiled with prefix /usr itself), or directories listed in 
$GNOME_PANEL_APPLETS_DIR, if that is set.  Again, you have the choice
of making a symlink from /usr/share/gnome-panel/4.0/applets/, or
to modify $GNOME_PANEL_APPLETS_DIR to include your

If you chose to modify an environment variable in order to make
gnome-panel/DBus find the files, keep in mind that the variable
must be set in a context where gnome-panel/DBus will see the updated
variable.  If you login using gdm, you can use the file ~/.xprofile
to set any variables in such a way that any part of the X session
can see them.