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" VIM Configuration - Željko Filipin
" Cancel the compatibility with Vi. Essential if you want
" to enjoy the features of Vim
set nocompatible
" Activate pathogen
call pathogen#infect()
" -- Display
set title " Update the title of your window or your terminal
set number " Display absolute line numbers
set relativenumber " Display relative line numbers
set ruler " Display cursor position
set wrap " Wrap lines when they are too long
set scrolloff=3 " Display at least 3 lines around you cursor
" (for scrolling)
" -- Search
set ignorecase " Ignore case when searching
set smartcase " If there is an uppercase in your search term
" search case sensitive again
set incsearch " Highlight search results when typing
set hlsearch " Highlight search results
" -- Beep
set visualbell " Prevent Vim from beeping
set noerrorbells " Prevent Vim from beeping
" Backspace behaves as expected
set backspace=indent,eol,start
" Hide buffer (file) instead of abandoning when switching
" to another buffer
set hidden
" Enable syntax highlighting
syntax enable
" Enable file specific behavior like syntax highlighting and indentation
filetype on
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on
" Change the font
set guifont=Monaco:h13
set antialias
" Disabling the directional keys
map <up> <nop>
map <down> <nop>
map <left> <nop>
map <right> <nop>
imap <up> <nop>
imap <down> <nop>
imap <left> <nop>
imap <right> <nop>
" Set ~/tmp as backup directory
set backupdir=~/tmp
" Set ~/tmp as swap file directory
set dir=~/tmp
" Display whitespace
set list
" Map , as leader key
let mapleader = ","
" Default params for ack
let g:ackprg="ack -H --nocolor --nogroup --column"
" Add a mark and search
nmap <leader>j mA:Ack<space>
" Add a mark and search for the word under the cursor
nmap <leader>ja mA:Ack "<C-r>=expand("<cword>")<cr>"
nmap <leader>jA mA:Ack "<C-r>=expand("<cWORD>")<cr>"
" CtrlP configuration
let g:ctrlp_map = '<leader>c'