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Simple gui for debugging websocket connections with a client
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Simple GUI for debugging OCPP websocket messages - Work In prgoress

The project needs python3 to run and should have installed tkinter

Run application



There is a Pipfile in the root of the project which contains all the necessary dependencies. I've used wss:// for testing, this will just return you the request sent


  • Fix scrolling for log box (text box where the sent and received messages will be shown)
  • automatically scroll to bottom on a new message added to the log box
  • fix layout
  • add argparse to define a url etc on startup
  • add the possiblity to give a client cert and server cert for the wss connection
  • add more predefined messages
  • Add a export button to store all the messages received
  • Use the header of the dropbox
  • Fix logging
  • Add menu with export buttons, settings etc ...


The ui is build with the ui builder pygubu-designer. To start the designer simply call pygubu-designer in your bash.


To package the application into a single executable without python to be installed you can call pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole --add-data="uidef.ui:xml" --hidden-import tkinter --hidden-import pygubu Make sure that from pygubu.builder import ttkstdwidgets is somewhere imported, otherwise you would get an error.

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