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ZelloWork Windows app command line interface


The ZelloWork command line interface allows you to send text, voice, and image messages to the specified user or channel. The ZelloWork application must be installed and the correct user account must be configured.

If the Zello app is already running, it will immediately start sending the message. If the Zello app is not running, it will start, sign in and then send the message. The result can be saved to a text file and you can customize operation timeout.

Supported switches

Option Description
/audio=path The full path to the audio file contaning the message to send. The file must be in WAV format. Options /audio, /alert, and /image are mutually exclusive.
/image=path The full path of the image file to send.
/alert=text The text of the call alert to send. The text must be enclosed in quotation marks and any quotation marks inside must be escaped. Example: "The boat is called \"Zello Star\""
/contact=name The name of the contact or channel to send the message to.
/channel=false Optional. Include this switch if the name specified by the /contact switch is a name of a user. By default, the message will be sent to a channel.
/report=file name Optional. The name of the file where the app will write the operation result. If the file already exists, it will be appended. You can use this file to audit which messages were sent, when they were sent, and to troubleshoot issues.
/timeout=timeout Optional. Operation timeout in seconds. If the app is unable to complete the operation within the specified time, it will cancel it and write an error to the report file.


Audio message

Send an audio message from the file Audioclip.wav to a channel named This game has no name with a timeout of 12 seconds and write the operation result to E:\Voice\log.txt.

"C:\Program Files\ZelloWork\ptt.exe" /contact="This game has no name"  /audio="E:\Voice\Audioclip.wav" /report="E:\Voice\log.txt" /timeout=12

Call alert

Send a call alert with the text Please call dispatch to user 1182 Mike with a timeout of 40 seconds and write the operation result to result.txt

"C:\Program Files\ZelloWork\ptt.exe" /contact="1182 Mike"  /alert="Please call dispatch" /report="result.txt" /timeout=40