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zells Programming Model

This document describes the current programming model of zells. Please note that the programming platform and the model are under active development and likely to change.


The programming model consisting of a single behavioural element, called Zell, with a single capability: to receive a Signal. Upon receiving a Signal, it is up to the Zell to decide how to react or whether to react at all.

|       Zell      |
| receive(Signal) |


A Signal is a finite data stream of any content. The only requirement is that it can be interpreted correctly be the intended receiver.

|       Signal      |
| serialize():byte* |


A Dish can be used to transmit a Signal. A copy of each transmitted Signal is received by every Zell of the Dishes culture simultaneously. A Dish that is connected to other Dishes transmits every Signal to all its peers.

|       Dish       |
| culture:Zell*    |
| peers:Dish*      |
| transmit(Signal) |