An official pack of useful HRC2 Apps for your home server.
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An official pack of useful HRC2 Apps for your home server.

This pack currently includes...

  1. HRC2 Notes by zelon88

  2. HRC2 Contacts by zelon88

  3. HRC2 Calculator by zelon88

  4. HRC2 ServStat by avignat & zelon88

  5. HRC2 ServMonitor by zelon88

  6. HRC2 Grabber by zelon88

  7. HRC2 PHP-AV by FujitsuBoy (aka Keyboard Artist) & zelon88

  8. Calendar by bastianallgeier

  9. Pell by jaredreich & zelon88

  10. UberGallery by UberGallery & zelon88

  11. OpenJSCAD by

  12. RSS by zelon88

  13. JSPaint by 1j01

These files are included with the master HRCloud2 distribution.

They are provided here for users who wish to download them separately, uninstall or reinstall their Apps, and to demonstrate how HRCloud2 Apps are bundled, distributed, and implemented.

Installation Instructions


-To install these Apps using the HRCloud2 GUI, log into your HRC2 server as an administrator and navigate to your AppLauncer.

-In the top-right corner of the AppLauncher you should see a "+" button. Click this button and select the App archives you wish to install.

-Once the Apps are uploaded, HRCloud2 will return messages to confirm if they were installed correctly.

-If they were installed correctly they should appear in the AppLauncher immediately or upon the next page-refresh.


-Extract the .zip files into your HRProprietary/HRCloud2/Applications directory such that there is an Application/Application.php file structure within the "Application" folder.

More Information

This repository ( contains "Apps" for HRCloud2 (

If you distribute this repository or your own HRCloud2 Apps please include a link to the official HRCloud2 repository.

<3 Open-Source.