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v2.9.7.6 - Add RSS App.

-Add RSS App.
-Add lists of RSS Feeds and save/view/edit/delete them.
-Based on the Notes App, Bookmarks app, and Daniel Reszka's (danielres) Github Gist ( which I turned into a function and made more robust by adding a trim() function to it.
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zelon88 committed Oct 14, 2018
1 parent 670dd45 commit 7c216a4cbe72dd2676ca0b90d76ffd563c0e8270
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Special Thanks to.....
Icon Archive
GraphicsVibe (Jordan)

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zelon88 commented on 7c216a4 Oct 14, 2018

In the official commit messages I incorrectly attributed the gist to someone else. The actual creator of the showFeeds() function is Mike Burstein (mburst).

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