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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is HRCloud2?

A: HRCloud2 is an open-source, end-user based home Cloud storage/networking stack that turns regular PC's running regular software into completely independent commercial-grade Cloud Drives. HRCloud2 puts the same features usually reserved for premium or paid Cloud services into the hands of anyone. HRCloud2 is geared towards enthusiasts of linux, home servers, home automation, privacy, and technology.

Q: What is HRCloud2 similar to?

A: HRCloud2 is most similar to a combination of Google Drive, ownCloud, Seafile, and AudioStreamer with the added functionality of converting and manipulating images and documents (as well as images into documents), monitoring and securing the server, sharing files, launching Apps (for things like Notes & Contacts), and more. HRCloud2 aims to be comparable to OpenStack.

Q: What does HRCloud2 do to my computer?

A: HRCloud2 turns your computer into a fully-featured web server! The same service that usually costs $10/mo is now in your possession! Being a server isn't right for every computer, which is why we recommend secure permissions settings, close monitoring, and frequent backups on a stationary server that runs 24/7 (other than for updates) for the highest quality/most reliable Cloud experience.

Q: Is it difficult to maintain an HRCloud2 server?

A: When configured properly, HRCloud2 is about as difficult as leaving a reliable computer powered on when it needs to be. HRCloud2 can keep itself up-to-date with just a few clicks, and maintains it's own storage directories, cache files, clean-up duties, and server configuration and permission levels.

Q: What kind of security features does HRCloud2 have?

A: Lots! Security and privacy are built into everything about HRCloud2.

  • Only needs ONE database result. One column, one row. No writing. (Latest HRAI uses one row, one col, no writes).
  • Does not create its own database connections.
  • Does not need any personal information. Doesn't even ask.
  • Does not store user Cloud, cache, meta, or file information in the database.
  • Compatible with ClamAV! Automatically keeps virus definitions up-to-date when enabled.
  • Admins can Virus Scan their Cloud at will or choose automated scans for their users.
  • Sanitizes all POST and GET inputs.
  • Uses WordPress (Built-in) for user account creation. Make an awesome homepage!
  • Completely invisible to WordPress. Does not show up as a plugin. Does not create meta fields.
  • All authentication is internally controlled. Even through the API.
  • Enforces document-root protection. Roots pleasantly redirect users to the GUI that matches their device/screensize (Only one GUI, more in-dev).
  • Copies index.html to new folders on creation and strategically replaces others during operation.
  • Enforces same-origin POST requests on sensitive admin-only pages and API requests.
  • Admins create unique salts for internal hashing of sensitive POST requests.
  • User storage directories are hashed with admin created salts.
  • User Drive files ARE NOT hosted all the time. Temporary hosted files are cleaned regularly.

Q: What kind of computer should I install HRCloud2 onto?

A: A computer that doesn't move! HRCloud2 is technically compatible with almost any ARM or x86/x64 computer capable of running (and storing) all of the HRCloud2 dependencies. The dependency with the greatest requirement is, by far, ClamAV. HRCloud2 can be run on a Raspberry Pi Model B+ or greater, however at least a multi-core platform is highly recommend. Laptops are capable of being good HRCloud2 servers if they stay in a location where their network addresses do not change.

Q: How does HRCloud2 help me gain access to my data from anywhere?

A: When installed and setup to be externally accessible with port forwarding / static NAT / reverse proxying you will be able to visit your domain or IPv4 in any browser to login and view/modify the contents of your Cloud from anywhere. Without some implementation or combination of these features your HRCloud2 installlation may only be accesible over local networks.

Q: Does HRCloud2 use or connect to any 3rd party servers?

A: HRCloud2 can, per administrator preference, connect to ClamAV to download the latest A/V definitions AND / OR Github to download and install official HRCloud2 updates. Other than these TWO external sources, HRCloud2 WILL NEVER connect to any external servers.

Q: Can my friends store their data on my HRCloud2 server?

A: Yes! You can create an account for your friends using the WordPress admin interface and when they log into your server and visit your HRCloud2 server address they will be greeted with a fresh, clean Cloud Drive just for them! HRCloud2 will create all the directories it needs to keep your friends data safe, secure, and separate from everyone elses. When they visit their Logs and Settings pages they will be able to tweak preferences and see logs specific to their account only.

Q: Got any ideas for implementation?

A: The possibilities are endless (advanced setup required)!

  • Virtual machine on USB with URL set to localhost.
  • Virtual machine(s) on server(s) behind reverse proxy for multi-domain compatibiliy.
  • Semi-Cold server configuration with Cloud directories set on encrypted removable device.
  • RAID arrays.
  • Maker-Board DIY mini-server.
  • Give your web application users storage and functionality with the API!
  • WordPress Multi-site support (native).
  • CDN, load balancer, and multi-server compatible. Upload to a server in Maine and download it from a server in Florida using a common DB and / or storage server.

Q: Anything else?

A: This application (HRCloud2) should be considered a work-in-process made by enthusiasts, and in no way represents a product fit for marketability, even for a specific purpose. HRCloud2 comes with no warranty, expressed or implied. Neither zelon88 nor any other contributors can be held liable for the consequences of using any of the software contained within this repository to the extent outlined in this repositories official LICENSE file, which is GPLv3 at the time of this writing (12-28-16).

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