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BUNT is a Bot UNderstanding Testbed
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BUNT (Bot UNderstanding Testbed)

What is BUNT ?

BUNT is a testbed for NLP engines, typically used in chatbots.

Find out more about the story behind BUNT on this blog post

What BUNT can do for you ?

BUNT can evaluate performance on:

  • languages: French and English are supported. Other languages can be added through modules.
  • corpus: Different default corpus of testing data are provided (small talk, misspellings, …) - other corpus can be added by the user
  • apis: 3 NLP-as-a-service providers are supported:,, and Other providers can be added through plugins

How does BUNT work ?

  • Put your credentials in
LUIS_KEY = 'my_luis_key'
  • Select your settings in
ACTION = 'comparator'
METRICS = ['accuracy', 'error_3_penalized']
    'en': ['mails_en', 'misspellings_en'],
    'fr': ['mails_fr', 'misspellings_fr']
  • Run

How can I add my own NLP service ?

  • Create a class Manager inheriting ApiManager from (See for more details):
class MyAPIManager(ApiManager):
    def __init__(self):
    def fit(self, df_train):
    def predict(self, x_list):
  • Add the name of your API in the settings file (in API_HANDLED)

  • In, add a case with your api (in build_api function)

How can I add my own metric ?

  • Add your metric in score_metric method of
if metric == 'your_metric_name':
    # this example is the accuracy metric
    n_all = n_found + n_fallback + n_error
    return n_found / float(n_all)
  • Add your metric name in in METRICS_HANDLED:
METRICS_HANDLED = ['accuracy',..., 'your_metric_name']

How can I add my own test set ?

  • Create a csv file (tab-separated) containing 2 rows

    The utterances are in the row called sentence and the intents are in the other row called intent (you can see one of the files)

  • Add your file in criteria/language folder.

  • Add the name of your file (without the .csv) in CRITERIA in when you want to use it:

    'en': ['smalltalk_en', ... 'your_english_file'],
    'fr': ['smalltalk_fr', 'mails_fr', 'your_french_file']
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