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# Makefile for Linux kernel SUN RPC
obj-$(CONFIG_SUNRPC) += sunrpc.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SUNRPC_GSS) += auth_gss/
obj-y += xprtrdma/
sunrpc-y := clnt.o xprt.o socklib.o xprtsock.o sched.o \
auth.o auth_null.o auth_unix.o auth_generic.o \
svc.o svcsock.o svcauth.o svcauth_unix.o \
addr.o rpcb_clnt.o timer.o xdr.o \
sunrpc_syms.o cache.o rpc_pipe.o \
sunrpc-$(CONFIG_SUNRPC_DEBUG) += debugfs.o
sunrpc-$(CONFIG_SUNRPC_BACKCHANNEL) += backchannel_rqst.o bc_svc.o
sunrpc-$(CONFIG_PROC_FS) += stats.o
sunrpc-$(CONFIG_SYSCTL) += sysctl.o
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