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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
The authdigest module contains classes to support
digest authentication compliant with RFC 2617.
from werkzeug.contrib.authdigest import RealmDigestDB
authDB = RealmDigestDB('test-realm')
authDB.add_user('admin', 'test')
def protectedResource(environ, start_reponse):
request = Request(environ)
if not authDB.isAuthenticated(request):
return authDB.challenge()
return get_protected_response(request)
:copyright: (c) 2010 by the Werkzeug Team, see AUTHORS for more details.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
#~ Imports
import os
import weakref
import hashlib
import werkzeug
#~ Realm Digest Credentials Database
class RealmDigestDB(object):
"""Database mapping user to hashed password.
Passwords are hashed using realm key, and specified
digest algorithm.
:param realm: string identifing the hashing realm
:param algorthm: string identifying hash algorithm to use,
default is 'md5'
def __init__(self, realm, algorithm='md5'):
self.realm = realm
self.alg = self.newAlgorithm(algorithm)
self.db = self.newDB()
def algorithm(self):
return self.alg.algorithm
def toDict(self):
r = {'cfg':{ 'algorithm': self.alg.algorithm,
'realm': self.realm},
'db': self.db, }
return r
def toJson(self, **kw):
import json
kw.setdefault('sort_keys', True)
kw.setdefault('indent', 2)
return json.dumps(self.toDict(), **kw)
def add_user(self, user, password):
r = self.alg.hashPassword(user, self.realm, password)
self.db[user] = r
return r
def __contains__(self, user):
return user in self.db
def get(self, user, default=None):
return self.db.get(user, default)
def __getitem__(self, user):
return self.db.get(user)
def __setitem__(self, user, password):
return self.add_user(user, password)
def __delitem__(self, user):
return self.db.pop(user, None)
def newDB(self):
return dict()
def newAlgorithm(self, algorithm):
return DigestAuthentication(algorithm)
def isAuthenticated(self, request, **kw):
authResult = AuthenticationResult(self)
request.authentication = authResult
authorization = request.authorization
if authorization is None:
return authResult.deny('initial', None)
authorization.result = authResult
hashPass = self[authorization.username]
if hashPass is None:
return authResult.deny('unknown_user')
elif not self.alg.verify(authorization, hashPass, method=request.method, **kw):
return authResult.deny('invalid_password')
return authResult.approve('success')
challenge_class = werkzeug.Response
def challenge(self, response=None, status=401):
authReq = response.www_authenticate
except AttributeError:
response = self.challenge_class(response, status)
authReq = response.www_authenticate
if isinstance(status, (int, long)):
response.status_code = status
else: response.status = status
authReq.set_digest(self.realm, os.urandom(8).encode('hex'))
return response
#~ Authentication Result
class AuthenticationResult(object):
"""Authentication Result object
Created by RealmDigestDB.isAuthenticated to operate as a boolean result,
and storage of authentication information."""
authenticated = None
reason = None
status = 500
def __init__(self, authDB):
self.authDB = weakref.ref(authDB)
def __repr__(self):
return '<authenticated: %r reason: %r>' % (
self.authenticated, self.reason)
def __nonzero__(self):
return bool(self.authenticated)
def deny(self, reason, authenticated=False):
if bool(authenticated):
raise ValueError("Denied authenticated parameter must evaluate as False")
self.authenticated = authenticated
self.reason = reason
self.status = 401
return self
def approve(self, reason, authenticated=True):
if not bool(authenticated):
raise ValueError("Approved authenticated parameter must evaluate as True")
self.authenticated = authenticated
self.reason = reason
self.status = 200
return self
def challenge(self, response=None, force=False):
if force or not self:
return self.authDB().challenge(response, self.status)
#~ Digest Authentication Algorithm
class DigestAuthentication(object):
"""Digest Authentication implementation.
"HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication". RFC 2617.
"Digest access authentication"
def __init__(self, algorithm='md5'):
self.algorithm = algorithm.lower()
self.H = self.hashAlgorithms[self.algorithm]
def verify(self, authorization, hashPass=None, **kw):
reqResponse = self.digest(authorization, hashPass, **kw)
if reqResponse:
return (authorization.response.lower() == reqResponse.lower())
def digest(self, authorization, hashPass=None, **kw):
if authorization is None:
return None
if hashPass is None:
hA1 = self._compute_hA1(authorization, kw['password'])
else: hA1 = hashPass
hA2 = self._compute_hA2(authorization, kw.pop('method', 'GET'))
if 'auth' in authorization.qop:
res = self._compute_qop_auth(authorization, hA1, hA2)
elif not authorization.qop:
res = self._compute_qop_empty(authorization, hA1, hA2)
raise ValueError("Unsupported qop: %r" % (authorization.qop,))
return res
def hashPassword(self, username, realm, password):
return self.H(username, realm, password)
def _compute_hA1(self, auth, password=None):
return self.hashPassword(auth.username, auth.realm, password or auth.password)
def _compute_hA2(self, auth, method):
return self.H(method, auth.uri)
def _compute_qop_auth(self, auth, hA1, hA2):
return self.H(hA1, auth.nonce,, auth.cnonce, auth.qop, hA2)
def _compute_qop_empty(self, auth, hA1, hA2):
return self.H(hA1, auth.nonce, hA2)
hashAlgorithms = {}
def addDigestHashAlg(klass, key, hashObj):
key = key.lower()
def H(*args):
x = ':'.join(map(str, args))
return hashObj(x).hexdigest()
H.__name__ = "H_"+key
klass.hashAlgorithms[key] = H
return H
DigestAuthentication.addDigestHashAlg('md5', hashlib.md5)
DigestAuthentication.addDigestHashAlg('sha', hashlib.sha1)