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Zen Cart® - The Art of E-Commerce

Zen Cart® v1.5.0 was the first Open Source e-Commerce web application to be fully PA-DSS Certified.

Zen Cart® v1.5.1


Installation is simple:

  1. Download Zen Cart®
  2. Ensure you check that the md5/sha1 hash of the Zip matches those publically posted.
  • The md5/sha1 values for the zip files hosted at sourceforge are displayed on the Zen Cart® website
  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file
  2. Everything inside the folder you unzipped needs to be uploaded to your webserver … for example, into your public_html or www or html folder (the folder will already exist on your webserver)
  3. In your browser, enter the address to your site, such as: (or if you uploaded it into another foldername use
  4. Rename the /includes/dist-configure.php and /admin/includes/dist-configure.php files to just "configure.php" and make the files writable.
  5. Also make the /cache and /logs folders writable. (You will be prompted about making other folders writable during installation)
  6. Follow the instructions that appear for installation.

That's the abbreviated version of installation instructions!

For a MUCH more detailed set of installation instructions, see the /docs/1.readme_installation.html file in your Zen Cart files.

PCI/PA-DSS Compliance

Currently only the v1.5.0 release is PA-DSS ceritified, and only when downloaded from Download Zen Cart® Other branches are not PA-DSS Certified unless otherwise stated.

The Implementation Guide should be followed for PCI Compliant implementation.


Use your browser to open the /docs/index.html page for links to documentation and the Implementation Guide.


For support, visit our support site:

Follow Us

For news and updates about Zen Cart®, follow us on Twitter and Facebook

. ©Copyright 2003-2012, Zen Cart®. All rights reserved.


Master branch represents the current release.(v1.5.1 Note. This is not PA-DSS certified). The v150 release is PA-DSS certified, but please see the for that branch.




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