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Releases: zencart/zencart


08 Apr 16:50
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(rebuilt zip to include updated install-sql and implementation guide; sorry for repeat notices!)

What's New:

For details and cross-links to documentation, see
Admin: All Products, New Products, Featured Products and Specials pages are now configured the same way as product listing pages.
Admin: Consolidated product-type modules to reduce code duplication. Now, per-product-type specific files are only required if they differ from the main file.
Admin: Customers list will now show registration IP if set.
Admin: Developers now have a template_settings file to facilitate template switching.
Admin: Orders details page and listing sidebox provide direct link to customer account.
Admin: Improved search
Admin: More pages converted to HTML5.
Admin: Orders screen now uses for IP Address information retrieval.
Admin: Order details page shows currency value for orders placed in non-default currency.
Admin: Order details page shows weight for each product in an order.
Admin: Order details page allows the user to copy addresses to the clipboard.
Admin: Payment module "retirement" allows storeowners to continue using older payment modules for processing existing orders but not offer them for new orders. See Payment Module Retirement for details.
Admin: Shipping modules may now access per-product dimension information.
Admin: Sort improvements for Specials and Featured pages.
Core: Addition of manufacturer's part number (MPN) to the products table.
Core: Addition of shipping tax rate to the orders table.
Core: CrowdIn support for language translations.
Core: Updates to international zones and country names.
Core: Numerous updates for PHP 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 compatibility
Core: Dependency update - Updating to Font Awesome 6 (from 4.7).
Core: Improved tax calculation accuracy throughout the cart.
Core: Performance improvements for stores with large databases.
Core: Wholesale pricing now built-in. See Wholesale Pricing
Core: Improve multi-currency handling throughout cart.
Storefront: Accessibility improvements.
Storefront: Added Accessibility page for storeowners to talk about what they have done to make their store accessible.
Storefront: Additional Images are only shown if there is a main image. Users of the Additional Product Images plugin who wish to disable this behavior, see site specific overrides.
Storefront: All Products, New Products, Featured Products and Specials pages are now laid out the same way as product listing pages.
Storefront: Category pages now support fluid listing format. See Columnar Layout for Category Listing pages
Storefront: Coupons can be added to URLs and automatically applied.
Storefront: Group Discount tax calculation fixes.
Storefront: Coupon with excluded products tax calculation fixes.
Storefront: Responsive Classic template product images (main and additional) now shown in a modal dialog rather than a popup when clicked.
Storefront: Manufacturers sidebox shows scaled images.
Storefront: Shipping modules now visible in Shipping Estimator when zone restriction and non-pulldown state setting is used.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.5.8...v2.0.0


16 Mar 18:31
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v2.0.0-rc2 Pre-release
Merge pull request #6332 from scottcwilson/version-stamping-v200rc2

Version stamping v2.0.0-rc2


09 Mar 11:53
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v2.0.0-rc1 Pre-release
Merge pull request #6303 from scottcwilson/version-stamping-v200

Version stamping 2.0.0-rc1


25 Feb 17:58
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v2.0.0-beta1 Pre-release
Merge pull request #6256 from scottcwilson/version-stamping-2.0.0-beta1

Version stamping


27 Jan 21:44
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v2.0.0-alpha1 Pre-release

First alpha build for 2.0.0.


18 Mar 10:31
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Please see the release docs at


17 Oct 09:25
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First official release of 1.5.8!

See for more information.


28 Feb 14:00
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Patch release, including:

  • Admin: Sanitize output
  • Admin: Address missing/inconsistent HTML characteristics
  • Admin: Remove call to inspectAndUpdate from every request and only call on plugin_manager page
  • Admin: include plugins in search
  • Admin: Fix width of comments block in invoice
  • Admin: include plugins in search
  • Admin: Sanitize Output
  • Core: Fix typo: langauages -> languages
  • Core: Accommodate field types with zero length
  • Core: Fix "Uncaught TypeError: mysqli_close(): Argument #1 ($mysql) must be of type mysqli, bool given
  • Core: Fix coupon min. required calculation wrong when calculated from = All Products
  • Storefront: Clean HTML for product_reviews_write, correcting PHP notices regarding missing variables.
  • Core: paypaldp/paypal_curl, correcting PHP notices, partial payflow-uk correction.

(Note: no database changes between v157/v157a/v157b/v157c/v157d, so no need to run zc_install if v157/v157a/v157b/v157c is already installed.)


05 Mar 21:29
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Patch release, including:

  • All: Security Patches Applied.
  • All: Improved PHP 8.0 compatibility.
  • All: Upgraded PHPMailer to latest version 6.3.0
  • All: Fix some "is_countable" or "must be Array or Countable" errors/notices.
  • Admin: Fix incorrect "required" error when editing banners if start/end date existed
  • Admin: Fixed incorrect URL generated when accessing customer-submitted images.
  • Admin: Improve plugin compatibility on category/product-listing page.
  • Admin: Attributes Controller fix for broken button, and improved compatibility with plugins.
  • Admin: Improved DTK search for zc_plugins.
  • Admin: Fix long-time error in zen_copy_attributes() function.
  • Storefront: Fix attribute-related error causing "A-non-numeric-value-encountered-in-shopping_cart.php".
  • Storefront: Restore "Always Show Categories on Main Page" feature from v156
  • Storefront: Improved compatibility with Image Handler for empty image dimensions.
  • Storefront: Added new capabilities to breadcrumb class so templates can override defaults.
  • Installer: Improved upgrade-detection on MySQL 8.0

(Note: no database changes between v157/v157a/v157b/v157c, so no need to run zc_install if v157/v157a/v157b is already installed.)


23 Nov 11:20
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Patch Release to:

  • Properly handle cmd parameter.
  • Remove deprecated javascript init() calls.
  • Capture order weight.
  • Limit field lengths in account creation.

No database changes since prior release. No need to run zc_install.