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base: feature/rewrite
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Commits on Apr 17, 2012
@nate nate Use the gemspec for the Gemfile b29c99d
@nate nate CGI unescape the username and password so special chars can be used 1afd6c2
@nate nate Bumping the version to 0.5.0 8fee690
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
@nate nate Switch to using Addressable 46f274d
@nate nate Fix up the web tests a bit 665121f
@nate nate Fixing regex cc2a4d7
@nate nate Removing notifo since the service is dead 2112045
@nate nate Bumping version to 0.6.0 c133f7c
@nate nate Rounds out the development dependencies
Commits on Mar 02, 2015
@mmcc mmcc add .zenflow-log to gitignore 5ff5c74
@mmcc mmcc Outdated dependencies were causing issues with testing 1af95f2
@mmcc mmcc Updating the test helper to fix tests, as well as adding slack` e0913d0
Commits on Mar 03, 2015
@mmcc mmcc added Slack integration and tests 8bfc78b
@mmcc mmcc updating readme 99e2c51
@mmcc mmcc Markdown failure 74268ad
@mmcc mmcc lock down versions and revert copypasta readme mistake a5e41bb
@mmcc mmcc to_json all the things 152e883
@mmcc mmcc return a hash from the matcher method fde4571
@mmcc mmcc when in Ruby land, might as well not explicitly return 63aaecd
@mmcc mmcc make the readme more consistent with other projects
@mmcc mmcc add travis.yml fed391d
@mmcc mmcc added ability to pass icon_url and icon_emoji via options
@mmcc mmcc fix travis test script
@mmcc mmcc added emoji note to readme;
@mmcc mmcc added tests for custom emoji / image url options
@mmcc mmcc Adding line to CHANGELOG: * Added basic Slack integration 9ee7b66
@mmcc mmcc Merge branch 'feature/slack'
@mmcc mmcc get version from VERSION.yml for zenflow and generalize dependencies …
…because, Ruby
@mmcc mmcc Bumping version to 0.7.0. c25466b
@mmcc mmcc Adding line to CHANGELOG: * Releasing Slack support d2a7ba4
@mmcc mmcc Merge branch 'release/richard-linklater'
@mmcc mmcc Merge branch 'release/richard-linklater' into production
@mmcc mmcc Added Travis build status
@mmcc mmcc order slack above campfire so mailto does not confuse things
@mmcc mmcc Bumping version to 0.7.1. 640d00d
@mmcc mmcc Adding line to CHANGELOG: * Added slack above mailto to avoid getting…
… captured by the @
@mmcc mmcc Merge branch 'hotfix/service-ordering' 04e5584
@mmcc mmcc Merge branch 'master' of
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