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  1. gcp-outbound-through-external-lb gcp-outbound-through-external-lb Public

    This is a demo of how you can allow a VM to access the internet "through" an External Load Balancer

    HCL 4 4

  2. wordpress-blog-article wordpress-blog-article Public

    Working on a blog article for running legacy apps such as WordPress in cloud run

    HCL 1

  3. billing-streamlit billing-streamlit Public

    Billing bot with Streamlit UI

    Python 1

  4. terraform-gcp-actions-workflows terraform-gcp-actions-workflows Public

    GitHub Actions Terraform Workflows

  5. gke-hpa-custom-metrics gke-hpa-custom-metrics Public

    In this tutorial you will learn how to deploy a custom metrics autoscaler for GKE using an external metric


  6. terraform-releases-pls terraform-releases-pls Public

    Automate your Terraform module releases with GitHub Actions

    HCL 1


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