Program for uploading images, screenshots, or any other files to a few dozen file hosting services.
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Image Uploader

Free program for Windows that allows you to upload images, screenshots, or any other files to over 30 different file hosting services. Official website:

Image Uploader main window

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Supported operating systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP2+ (also server versions starting with Windows Server 2003 SP1)

Main Features

Uploading files to image hostings and file hostings

It can upload to more than 20 image hostings sites. After uploading, Image Uploader generates HTML code or BBCode for forums.

It is also possible to specify your own output format template.

Grabbing Frames from a Video Clip

Image Uploader can grab frames from various types of video formats, e.g. AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MKV (it depends on DirectShow codecs you have installed on your system). It is recommended to install K-lite Codec Pack.

Screen capturing

Image Uploader can do screenshots of entire screen or selected screen region.

Image Uploader is available in the following languages: English, Russian, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Hrvatski, Farsi

Console Utility

Image Uploader Console Utility running on Ubuntu

Available options:

Building from source

You need Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to build Image Uploader. Installing Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 is strongly recommended (older versions corrupt .rc files after editing) If you are using a newer MSVC version, you may experience some compilation errors, which can be solved easily (if you fix these errors, please provide a patch or pull request). But also you need to recompile 3rd-party libraries (boost, glog, jsoncpp, etc) against your compiler version (so I recommend to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 to avoid all these issues).

You can download ALL necessary libraries and headers (precompiled for MSVC 2013) by following link:


Image Uploader is using the following libraries:


libcurl (patched version)



Boost (patched version)


pcre++ (patched version)

squirrel (patched version)

sqrat (patched version)


Boost.Process (patched version with utf-8 support)








Libraries for support:

Mega SDK




If you want to compile strmbase.lib by yourself you will need:

DirectX 8 SDK

DirectShow BaseClasses