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Would be nice to have simple on/off switches for features that don't require a recipient, especially for jobs/models that dont have or need access to what user is responsible for the action.

@plukevdh plukevdh was assigned Jun 27, 2012

Could be seen as relating to issue #8

@plukevdh plukevdh Add global features
Does not require a user. Is either on (deployment_percentage == 100)
or off (deployment_percentage != 100).

Still retrievable using Arturo::Feature.to_feature(:symbol)

Will return correct class (Feature or GlobalFeature)

Would appreciate feedback.


hrm, the migration will be a bit tricky. need upgrade procedures if people want to use global features as it now requires a class_name field.


Would also be nice to have a UI refresh that reflects global features.


I'd like to make it easier to quickly turn on/off features, but I feel like this is a pretty complex solution. What if we just enhance the UI to make it easy to push the % to 0 or 100 really easily?

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