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@timbertson timbertson released this Jul 10, 2017 · 1217 commits to master since this release

Notable changes:

  • Shutdown hardening. If maxwell can't shut down (because the kafka
    producer is in a bad state and close() never terminates, for example),
    it would previously stall and process no messages. Now, shutdown is run
    in a separate thread and there is an additional watchdog thread which
    forcibly kills the maxwell process if it can't shut down within 10
  • Initial support for running maxwell from java, rather then as its own
    process. This mode of operation is still experimental, but we'll
    accept PRs to improve it (thanks Geoff Lywood).
  • Fix incorrect handling of negative (pre-epoch dates) when using
    binlog_connector mode (thanks Geoff Lywood).
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