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@jugarrit jugarrit released this Apr 6, 2018 · 58 commits to master since this release

File uploads

File upload

Native rendering for files is now supported. Additionally, the user can now send files from the SDK.
To learn more about them, visit our docs.

It is now also possible to customize the items displayed when the user taps on the menu.
Visit our docs for details.

API Additions

  • Class Conversation
    • Added new method uploadFile(Message message, SmoochCallback callback)
  • Class Message
    • Added new constructor Message(File file)
    • Added new method getMediaType()
    • Added new method setMediaType(String mediaType)
    • Added new method getMediaSize()
    • Added new method setMediaSize(long mediaSize)
    • Added new method getFile()
    • Added new method setFile(File file)


  • Added new drawable drawable/smooch_btn_menu.png

  • Added new drawable drawable/smooch_btn_paperclip.png

  • Added new drawable drawable/smooch_message_separator_user.xml

  • Added new drawable drawable/smooch_message_separator_remote.xml

  • Added new dimen Smooch_btnMenuSize

  • Added new dimen Smooch_fileIconWidth

  • Added new dimen Smooch_fileIconHeight

  • Added new dimen Smooch_fileNameMaxWidth

  • Added new dimen Smooch_fileContainerMargin

  • Added new dimen Smooch_fileNameMargin

  • Added new dimen Smooch_fileNameTextSize

  • Added new setting Smooch_settings_takePhotoMenuKey

  • Added new setting Smooch_settings_chooseMediaMenuKey

  • Added new setting Smooch_settings_uploadFileMenuKey

  • Added new setting Smooch_settings_shareLocationMenuKey

  • Added new setting Smooch_settings_showMenuOptions

  • Added new string Smooch_btnMenu

  • Added new string Smooch_chooseFile

  • Added new string Smooch_shareLocation

  • Added new string Smooch_errorFileTooLarge

  • Added new string Smooch_errorVirusDetected

  • Added new string Smooch_retrievingFile

  • Added new string Smooch_errorFileTypeRejected

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