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@wmora wmora released this Apr 6, 2018 · 42 commits to master since this release

File upload


  • Native rendering for files is now supported. Additionally, the user can now send files from the SDK. To learn more about them, visit our docs.
  • It is now also possible to customize the items displayed when the user taps on the menu. Visit our docs for details.

Other changes and fixes

  • You can now toggle whether the input bar is displayed in the conversation view
  • Fixed an issue in which sometimes anonymous users could not send messages

API Additions

  1. Class SKTSettings
  • Added new property allowedMenuItems
  • Added new constant SKTMenuItemCamera
  • Added new constant SKTMenuItemGallery
  • Added new constant SKTMenuItemDocument
  • Added new constant SKTMenuItemLocation
  1. Class SKTConversation
  • Added new typedef SKTFileUploadProgressBlock
  • Added new typedef SKTFileUploadCompletionBlock
  • Added new notification SKTConversationFileUploadDidStartNotification
  • Added new notification SKTConversationFileUploadProgressDidChangeNotification
  • Added new notification SKTConversationFileUploadCompletedNotification
  • Added new constant SKTConversationFileKey
  • Added new method sendFile:withProgress:completion:
  1. Class SKTMessage
  • Added new property mediaSize
  1. Class Smooch
  • Added new method setConversationInputDisplayed:


  • Added new string Invalid file
  • Added new string A virus was detected in your file and it has been rejected
  • Added new string Max file size limit exceeded %@.
  • Added new string Upload Document
  • Added new string Share Location
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