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How do I search using the API client? The documentation shows the API supports it using a "search" action on a user (for instance). -

Specifically, I'm trying to search for a user by email.

All the following attempts return the full list of users paged in 100's.

zendesk_user = Zendesk::User.find(client, {:email => ''})
zendesk_user = Zendesk::User.find(client, :params => {:search => ''})
zendesk_user = Zendesk::User.find(client, :search => {:email => ''})

How do I use the API client to search for Users, Organizations, etc? I looked in the gem but didn't see any code or tests for this feature.


steved commented May 22, 2012

User searching is available through => "")

Generic searching is available through => "")

The latter doesn't currently doesn't auto-detect the class of the result (just dumping them in a generic Search object), but that will hopefully come soon.
Both return collections.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I had to look into the Zendesk::Collection class to figure out what to do with the created search query collection. I suggest documenting how search works on the Readme.

Here's how I understand it to work.

Create a query definition

query = => "")

Execute the query and fetch the results

users = query.fetch
# => 1
# => ""

steved commented May 22, 2012

The query is executed on demand. So something like

query = => "")

Will execute the query and return the first user. Though calling #count currently doesn't execute the query first. That is a bug, and will be fixed.

Thanks for the answer. This resolved my issue. And yes, my initial problem was I used "count" to try and figure out if data was being returned.

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