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Update request resource #142

wants to merge 17 commits into from

4 participants

rhardih commented Dec 10, 2013

Not meant to be merge before a rebase on the latest version

We just need the added L#193 & L#197 off lib/zendesk_api/resources.rb, but can't use the latest version yet.

steved commented Dec 10, 2013

Cool, thanks 👍

cap3618 commented Apr 29, 2014

I can not change my passord in Twitter.
If i change my passord, they show me a
"forbidden(rate limit exceeeded)


@rhardih what's the status of this? shall we close? or can we please try to get this merged?

rhardih commented Jun 17, 2014

@maximeprades I honestly don't remember why we needed this. Closing is fine.

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