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Road map

  • Collectors

    • Allow third-party collectors via ServiceManager/PluginManager. [Done]
    • Every collector runs after MvcEvent::EVENT_FINISH. [Done]

      • Possible exceptions are the TimeCollector and MemoryCollector. They could listens to every MvcEvent to provide more accurate data. This behavior can be turned off via config. [Done]

        Note: This will most likely be removed due to event manager profiling improvements.

    • Listen with a low priority and flush the response before the collector starts collecting if the Toolbar/Wildfire is disabled && the profiler is in silence mode. [Done]
    • Default Collectors
      • Db (Zend\Db) [Done]
      • Event
      • Time [Done]
      • Mail
      • Memory [Done]
      • Request [partly done – still missing features for the In-depth Web Profile Viewer]
  • Configuration
    • Dis/enable every collector via config. [Done]
    • Dis/enable a strict error handling (throw exceptions). If the strict mode is disabled, every error will be saved in the report. [Done]
    • Matcher: Dis/enable the profiler if the request matches your pattern. Possible matches would be request url/path, ip, time, access role. The "matcher" should support custom matches.
  • Report
    • In-depth Web Profile Viewer
      • Requires saved reports or an imported report.
      • Every collection (even third-party) should provide a template.
    • Web Toolbar
      • Resizable toolbar – hides some parts on lower resolutions/window sizes. [Done]
      • Template overloading, so you can add your preferred collector data to the toolbar. [Done]
    • Storage
      • Support for Redis, MySQL (mysqli, PDO or Zend\Db?), SQLite, MongoDB
      • Possible adapters for memchache, PostgreSQL, CouchDB – probably at a later stage
    • Wildfire
      • Provides the same information as the web toolbar, but displays it in the browser console.
      • Support for FirePHP and ChromePHP as of Zend Framework 2.1
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