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I use the lucene search module of the Zend Framework on a website for quite a while and i'm happy with that. Thank you for the php version by the way :)

Recently I decided to try out the refactored version of ZF2/ZendSearch to see if there was a feature I needed in the old ZF1 version, support for alternate terms (stems in my case) in exact phrase queries. The documentation (http://framework.zend.com/manual/1.12/en/zend.search.lucene.query-api.html#zend.search.lucene.queries.phrase-query) mentions synonyms at the same place but actually it is not implemented (at least in the latest RC).
So I added the feature and since it's useful for me, I thought it may be useful for others. Before putting it online, I tested the changes with my real site index (about 550 web pages) for both result accuracy and performances, didn't find any regression.

There are also a few other unrelated changes :

  • UTF8 short words token filter (the regular ShortWords filter expects singlebyte characters)
  • fix for a regression in SegmentInfo::termFreqs() (giving possibly wrong scores and php notices)
  • fixes for unit tests giving false positives due to index directory cleanup (at least on my local server : Wamp 2 / PHP 5.4.3)

That's all. I hope you'll find something interesting to merge back in your branch. And if you need further information about my changes, feel free to ask.


pavarnos commented Jul 7, 2016


Is this project dead / obsolete?
The docs are not findable on framework.zend.com through the menu structure (though if you google hard you can find them as separate pages).

Will this (and any other) pull request be merged and released soon?


Ocramius commented Jul 7, 2016

@pavarnos zendframework/ZendSearch is unmaintained since the 2.0.0 release of zendframework. We endorse moving to more efficient indexing solutions like SOLR or ElasticSearch.

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