Migration and development tooling for Expressive
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Migration and development tools for Expressive.


Install via composer:

$ composer require --dev zendframework/zend-expressive-tooling

expressive Tool

  • vendor/bin/expressive: Entry point for all tooling. Currently exposes the following:

    • action:create: Create an action class file; this is an alias for the handler:create command, listed below.
    • factory:create: Create a factory class file for the named class. The class file is created in the same directory as the class specified.
    • handler:create: Create a PSR-15 request handler class file. Also generates a factory for the generated class, and, if a template renderer is registered with the application container, generates a template and modifies the class to render it into a zend-diactoros HtmlResponse.
    • middleware:create: Create a PSR-15 middleware class file.
    • migrate:interop-middleware: Migrate interop middlewares and delegators to PSR-15 middlewares and request handlers.
    • migrate:middleware-to-request-handler: Migrate PSR-15 middlewares to request handlers.
    • module:create: Create and register a middleware module with the application.
    • module:deregister: Deregister a middleware module from the application.
    • module:register: Register a middleware module with the application.