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Initial stable release.


  • #279 updates the documentation to provide automation for pushing to GitHub pages. As part of that work, documentation was re-organized, and a landing page provided. Documentation can now be found at: https://zendframework.github.io/zend-expressive/
  • #299 adds component-specific CSS to the documentation.
  • #295 adds support for handling PHP 7 engine exceptions in the templated and whoops final handlers.


  • Nothing.


  • Nothing.


  • #280 fixes references to the PlatesRenderer in the error handling documentation.
  • #284 fixes the reference to maximebf/php-debugbar in the debug bar documentation.
  • #285 updates the section on mtymek/blast-base-url in the "Using a Base Path" cookbook recipe to conform to its latest release.
  • #286 fixes the documentation of the Composer "serve" command to correct a typo.
  • #291 fixes the documentation links to the RC5 -> v1 migration guide in both the CHANGELOG as well as the error messages emitted, ensuring users can locate the correct documentation in order to upgrade.
  • #287 updates the "standalone" quick start to reference calling $app->pipeRoutingMiddleware() and $app->pipeDispatchMiddleware() per the changes in RC6.
  • #293 adds a require 'vendor/autoload.php'; line to the bootstrap script referenced in the zend-servicemanager examples.
  • #294 updates the namespace referenced in the modulear-layout documentation to provide a better separation between the module/package/whatever, and the application consuming it.
  • #298 fixes a typo in a URI generation example.