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This release contains two potential backwards compatibility breaks:

  • In versions prior to 1.2.0, after Zend\Stratigility\Http\Response::end() was called, with*() operations were performed as no-ops, which led to hard-to-detect errors. Starting with 1.2.0, they now raise a RuntimeException.
  • In versions prior to 1.2.0, Zend\Stratigility\FinalHandler always provided exception details in the response payload for errors. Starting with 1.2.0, it only does so if not in a production environment (which is the default environment).


  • #36 adds a new InvalidMiddlewareException, with the static factory fromValue() that provides an exception message detailing the invalid type. MiddlewarePipe now throws this exception from the pipe() method when a non-callable value is provided.
  • #46 adds FinalHandler::setOriginalResponse(), allowing you to alter the response used for comparisons when the FinalHandler is invoked.
  • #37 and #49 add support in Zend\Stratigility\Dispatch to catch PHP 7 Throwables.


  • Nothing.


  • Nothing.


  • #30 updates the Response implementation to raise exceptions from with*() methods if they are called after end().
  • #46 fixes the behavior of FinalHandler::handleError() to only display exception details when not in production environments, and changes the default environment to production.