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-### Welcome to the *Zend Framework 2.0.0* Release!
+### Welcome to the *Zend Framework 2.1.0* Release!
Master: [![Build Status](](
-*Zend Framework 2.0.0rc2*
-This is the second release candidate for 2.0.0. We will be releasing RCs
-on a weekly basis until we feel all critical issues are addressed. At
-this time, we anticipate no API changes before the stable release, and
-recommend testing your production applications against it.
-01 August 2012
- - REALLY removed Zend\Markup from the repository (we reported it
- removed for RC1, and had in fact created the repository for it, but
- not removed it from the zf2 repository).
- - Addition of Hydrator strategies, to allow easier hydration of
- composed objects. The HydratorInterface remains unchanged, but the
- shipped hydrators now all implement both that and the new
- StrategyEnabledInterface.
- - Zend\View\Model\ViewModel::setVariables() no longer overwrites the
- internal variables container by default. If you wish to do so, it
- does provide an optional $overwrite argument; passing a boolean true
- will cause the method to overwrite the container.
- - Zend\Validator\Iban was expanded to include Single Euro Payments Area
- (SEPA) support
- - Zend\Mvc\Controller\ControllerManager now allows fetching controllers
- via DI. This is done via a new DiStrict abstract service factory,
- which only fetches services in a provided whitelist.
- - Zend\Json\Encoder now accepts IteratorAggregates.
- - Controller, Filter, and Validator plugin managers were fixed to no
- longer share instances.
- - Zend\Form was updated to only bind values that were actually provided
- in the data. Additionally, if a Collection has no entries, it will be
- removed from the validation group. Finally, elements with the name
- "0" (zero) are now allowed.
- - Zend\View\Helper\Doctype was updated to respond true to isRdfa() when
- the doctype is an HTML5 variant.
- - Zend\Navigation was fixed to ensure the navigation services is passed
- correctly between helpers. Additionally, a bug in Mvc::isActive() was
- fixed to ensure routes were properly seeded.
- - The GreaterThan and LessThan validators were updated to pass
- constructor arguments to the parents, for consistency with other
- validators.
- - Log formatters are now responsible for formatting DateTime values in
- the log events.
- - The Console ViewManager was updated to extend from the standard HTTP
- version, and to use Config instead of Configuration, fixing several
- minor issues.
- - Zend\Version was moved to Zend\Version\Version (for consistency)
- - Zend\Debug was moved to Zend\Debug\Debug (for consistency)
- - All protected members that still had underscore prefixes were
- refactored to remove that prefix.
- - Identified and fixed all CS issues as identified by php-cs-fixer, and
- added php-cs-fixer to the Travis-CI build tasks.
- - ServiceManagerAwareInterface was removed from all but the most
- necessary locations, and replaced with ServiceLocatorAwareInterface.
- - Zend\Feed\Reader, Zend\Dom, Zend\Serializer\Wddx, and Zend\Soap were
- not properly protecting against XXE injections; these situations have
- now been corrected.
-Around *70* pull requests for a variety of features and bugfixes were handled
-since beta5!
+*Zend Framework 2.1.0*
+This is the first feature release for the 2.0 series.
+### UPDATES IN 2.1.0
+Zend Framework 2 requires PHP 5.3.3 or later; we recommend using the
+latest PHP version whenever possible.
+Please see
+If you wish to contribute to Zend Framework 2.0, please read both the and file.
+Online documentation can be found at
+Questions that are not addressed in the manual should be directed to the
+appropriate mailing list:
+If you find code in this release behaving in an unexpected manner or
+contrary to its documented behavior, please create an issue in the Zend
+Framework issue tracker at:
+If you would like to be notified of new releases, you can subscribe to
+the fw-announce mailing list by sending a blank message to
@@ -73,12 +52,12 @@ latest PHP version whenever possible.
-Please see [](
+Please see
If you wish to contribute to Zend Framework 2.0, please read both the
-[]( and []( file. and file.
@@ -101,7 +80,7 @@ the fw-announce mailing list by sending a blank message to
The files in this archive are released under the Zend Framework license.
-You can find a copy of this license in [LICENSE.txt](LICENSE.txt).
+You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt.
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