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[#2410][#2615] Update readme

- Added security note about change to JsonStrategy and FeedStrategy, and
  also detail AcceptableViewModelSelector usage
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### UPDATES IN 2.0.4
-Please see
+*Security Changes*
+By default, the JsonStrategy and FeedStrategy were selecting their
+associated renderers based on two criteria: if a ViewModel of
+appropriate type was present, *OR* if the Accept header matched certain
+criteria. It was pointed out that this latter is undesirable when the
+strategies are enabled globally, as any matching route could be forced
+to return JSON or a feed -- and potentially expose information not meant
+for that particular format, or raise exceptions due to containing
+content not compatible with the format.
+In this release, we removed the Accept header detection. To mitigate
+this, however, a new controller plugin, AcceptableViewModelSelector, was
+added. This plugin may be invoked from a controller, and based on
+criteria passed to it, return an appropriate view model type based on
+matching the Accept header. As an example:
+class SomeController extends AbstractActionController
+ protected $acceptCriteria = array(
+ 'Zend\View\Model\JsonModel' => array(
+ 'application/json',
+ ),
+ 'Zend\View\Model\FeedModel' => array(
+ 'application/rss+xml',
+ ),
+ );
+ public function apiAction()
+ {
+ $model = $this->acceptableViewModelSelector($this->acceptCriteria);
+ // Potentially vary execution based on model returned
+ if ($model instanceof JsonModel) {
+ // ...
+ }
+ }
+You will still enable the JsonStrategy or FeedStrategy at the global
+level, but they will only be selected now if an appropriate view model
+is returned by the controller; the above plugin can help you select the
+appropriate view model based on Accept header on an as-needed basis.
+For more changes, please see

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