Oracle DB tables and columns names are case sensitive #2473

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The name of tables, columns... when using oracle DB with PDO (Table gateway) are case sensitive, it must be case insensitive.

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(Originally posted by: ZeinEddin on 04/26/12)

I think that the only thing that have to be done is to provide a parameter so that the names of the columns and tables will not be quoted, for example:
with the quote parameter set to false must be:

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(Originally posted by: ralphschindler on 05/08/12)

Why wouldn't you use the correct casing for the table and column names?

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(Originally posted by: ZeinEddin on 05/08/12)

Actually: there is no reason, it is just we used to write all of identifiers names in a lower case.
is there any issue in providing a parameter that will disable quoting identifiers?
and another question I don't know if this is the right place to ask: what is the status of the oracle adapter class? we are considering to start a BIG new project backed with oracle DB, and I think that we will use ZF2 , but it still has no support for oracle, right? when will it be ready?

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Awnage commented Dec 5, 2012

Would be great if the pdo_oci driver was as well maintained as other drivers. Until then I think we are left only with the oci8 driver which leaves us Oracle users out in the cold with respect to ORM layers and most of the frameworks out there.


ralphschindler commented Jan 25, 2013

Please see: #3485 & #3567

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