Wrong phpdoc comments and non-existing classes used #2522

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Original Issue: ZF2-459
Issue Type: Bug
Reporter: PHPGangsta
Created: 08/09/12
Assignee: ralphschindler
Components: Zend\Db Zend\Paginator Zend\View


I'm using RC3.

There are a lot classes used that do not exist. If you search for the following strings you will find them. I don't know how to fix them, because I don't know what the correct replacement/new class is in zf2.


"ConstraintKeyObject" is wrong, and I cannot find a method "getColumnName()" anywhere
/** @var $key \Zend\Db\Metadata\Object\ConstraintKeyObject */
$primaryKey[] = $key->getColumnName();

Should that be \PDO::FETCH_ASSOC?

Search for "\Zend\Loader\PluginLoader\Exception"

Search in whole project for "Object\ConstraintKeyObject"

PHPStorm tells me this is wrong (or bad code)? But maybe this is a false positive of PHPStorm.
$this->handles[$index] = & $handles;

It would be cool if someone could have a look at all those classes and repair it.


(Originally posted by: maks3w on 08/15/12)

[~mkliewe] Thank you for the report. Please the next time add the class which you found the issue.

The first block is a obsolete class will be removed by this PR #2169

The second and fifth part will be fixed by [~ralph]

About the third part probably should be PDO, however Paginator still having old code not related with the new Zend\Db 2.0 API

About the fourth is obviously that the function only will throw a RuntimeException and neither Zend\Loader... or InvalidArgumentException so you can replace the @throws safely with RuntimeException and send us a PR with the patch

finally about the sixth I don't know.


(Originally posted by: maks3w on 08/20/12)

Left fix some occurrences of ConstraintKeyObject


(Originally posted by: ralphschindler on 08/21/12)

$this->handles[$index] = & $handles;

Is valid, and I've seen that issue in PHPStorm. Where is that line exactly?


(Originally posted by: PHPGangsta on 08/21/12)

If I search for "= & " in the whole project I find 26 occurrences. But only 5 of them are underlined in red (in PHPStorm). The files are:


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This was cleaned up before RC5, if you still find some, please add some exact references.

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