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Original Issue:ZF2-568
Issue Type:New Feature
Reporter:Reindl Bernd
Components:Zend\Captcha Zend\Validator


The localizationfiles in the resourcefolder of the ZF2 package are multiple files (Zend_Validator.php, Zend_Captcha.php). So i can use them only with different textDomains (in my case 'validator' and 'captcha').

To prevent setting the textdomain by each validatorelement i set the default translator and the default tranlatortextdomain by \Zend\Validator\AbstractValidator::setDefaultTranslator($translator, 'validator');

But \Zend\Captcha\AbstractAdapter is a subclass of \Zend\Validator\AbstractValidator and uses the same Domain like AbstractValidator because there is no own implementation for setDefaultTranslator(). Is it possible to implement setDefaultTranslator() and the other static functions to support different domains for validators and Captcha?
Or is there an other solution to load multiple languagefiles?

PS: Excuse my bad English :)

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@DASPRiD can you have a look at this, and determine if we can close it?

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@ralphschindler Will take a look at it.


@DASPRiD any progress on this?

Personally i think there are so "less" translations needed for captcha that it should be in the same translortTextDomain than the "validator" (takem from his example).... last but not least captcha is also a "validator".

This feature would add more problems than it solves IMO.

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