Zend\Form\Form has to override getHydrator() method as setHydrator(..) is. #2661

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Fieldset (set as base fieldset) has ClassMethodsHydrator but if call getHydrator on Form that hydrator is changed to default one.


I think overridden getHydrator() should look like:

public function getHydrator() {
        if ($this->baseFieldset !== null) {
            return $this->baseFieldset->getHydrator();
        return parent::getHydrator();

@Hamlis i think this cannot be done.

Simple reason: Fieldset and form can be "independent" so in the Form you can also have a own hydrator and own elements...(also Form extends Fieldset...so it's partly a "fieldset")

If it's okay for you -> can this get closed?


I agree with you "Fieldset and form can be "independent"", but then:

$hydrator != $form->getHydrator()

setHydrator should not be overrided to set hydrator for baseFieldset


This issue can be closed. I did not tracked when the change was made, but now hydrator setters and getters works fine.

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