Extending Zend\Mvc\Router\Http\Segment causes error #3044

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As of ZF 2.0.4: extending the Segment class, with the purpose of creating a custom router class, causes an error.

namespace MyNamespace\Mvc\Router\Http;
use Shared\Mvc\Router\Http\Segment,

class CustomSegment extends Segment {


Fatal error: Cannot access property MyNamespace\Mvc\Router\Http\PackageToken::$urlencodeCorrectionMap in /library/Zend-2.0/Mvc/Router/Http/Segment.php on line 412

Workaround: adding a public static urlencodeCorrectionMap variable to the custom class.


Maks3w commented Nov 21, 2012

with protect visibility should be enough. Can you send a patch with that?

I have issued a fix for this since the OP did not reply in 6 days. It can be found in PR 3067 along with fixes to the Zend Http Client


prolic commented Nov 30, 2012

This can be closed now.

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