Session not working in current development? #3470

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pdobrigkeit commented Jan 17, 2013


I was using commit 0822749 before and did an update today to the latest master. Somewhere in between the Session has gone haywire. I read about the BC break, but neither the FlashMessenger, nor anything else is written to the Session at the end of a request. I noticed mainly because I am using ZfcUser and I lost my identity immediatly, but I didn't get any messenges, when for example the Username/Password Combo is wrong.

Anyone got an idea what might be causing this?


netiul commented Jan 17, 2013

There are issues with recent changes in develop branch. Are you sure it's master?

This issues are about develop branch:
Issue: zendframework/zf2#3458
Fix: zendframework/zf2#3461

See also zendframework/zf2#3452 and zendframework/zf2#3450


weierophinney commented Jan 17, 2013

Fixed with #3461 on both develop and master.

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